Friday, 4 November 2011

LIVE Bonfire Night from Simon Shilton and Kerry Blakeman 6-10pm Today

Simon Shilton and Kerry Blakeman
Today, Friday 4th November 2011 between 6pm and 10pm you can follow the Police and Fire Service on patrol in Coventry.

Fire Commander Simon Shilton and Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman we will use Bambuser to bring you LIVE Video updates from real incidents around the city on what we expect to be a busy night.

You can follow them on twitter @kerryblakeman or @spshilton and with hashtag #CovCam. When we broadcast the link will appear in Twitter, please spread the word and tune in if you can - please feel free to ask any questions via the LIVE chat. Simon was talking on BBC Radio this morning.

Simon Shilton to BBC 04 Nov 11 Bonfire Night Coventry by wiKenilworth Bambuser

The Event has now Ended Channel is OFF AIR.. watch again available now.